Nominations Closed

Nomination Categories

Recognize initiatives that have led to development of eco-friendly and socially beneficial packaging

Recognize packaging design initiatives that have improved the product's appeal from commercial, aesthetic, compliance and efficiency perspectives

Sub Categories

OTC Drugs

RX Drugs


This award recognises the excellence & innovation of the company’s R & D practices with respect to the packaging design, impact & sustainability of the business

Sub Categories

Cost Improvement

Development of New Technology/Product


Recognize packaging initiatives that fulfils a user need and/or provides an enhanced user experience

Recognize packaging machinery initiatives that have aided in fortifying product integrity, technology upgradation and improve manufacturing productivity

Sub Categories

Machinery Manufacturers (Aiming Core Machinery Manufacturers)

Machinery Users (Aiming Pharma Companies Using The Machinery)


Recognize packaging quality control initiatives that ensure that pharmaceutical products are meet quality requirements for their intended use through the supply chain

Tips for Filling an Ideal Nomination Form

Use Bullet Points

All answers in the case study should be written in bullet points as this keeps the answer precise and also helps the jury understand the key points of your answer

Avoid Ambiguity

If you don’t want to answer a particular question then clearly write “Not Applicable” or “NA” in the space provided so that there is no ambiguity or confusion

Quantify Data

Wherever the question asks for quantitative data, please provide some numbers/statistics which support your answer for the concerned question. If not the exact numbers please help with relative numbers


Wherever required/asked for, please clearly select the sub-category for which you are applying. Check only 1 Subcategory

Supporting Attachments

Wherever possible use supporting documents in form of videos, presentations, photographs, pdfs, feedback forms, etc to strengthen your nomination